Customer Testimonials

"These new PowerDrive Inverters are quite a bit better than the older models. They have 4 AC outlets and 2 USB ports. A lot of extra features, including Voice alarm and Bluetooth. Who would have thought? RoadPro Family of brands is one of our favorite distributors." - RoadTruckerInc via YouTube

"This item is awesome for long trips, or for when you have to wait in the truck for a long period. I would say this item is a must for truck drivers, long trips with kids, or those people with tons of gadgets."

"I use this to power either of my two power-hungry laptops. It has never flinched nor got very warm. This item seems more durable than average."

"We were concerned that it would be powerful enough to run the PC but it worked perfectly. With 3 teenagers on a long road trip it was critical we had enough juice to power all the toys and cell phones. It powered my 17" Sony Vaio PC. We had a Samsung Tab plugged into the PC. Also kept a windows phone charged using the USB."

"Solidly built, well designed and I tested it with a volt meter and found it to produce 117 VAC (AC volts) on all three outlets. I did not test the 12VDC port or the USB port. The manual is well written and informative."

"The kids loved this thing on our trip to South Carolina! It turned my truck into a rolling office/theater. We had no problems out of the unit."

"I bought this inverter strip for a trip to Road Atlanta for a 4 day race, and for the up coming camping season. It worked just the way I'd hoped it would. It kept my phone and bluetooth charged while driving."

"Worked better than expected. Did not overheat and was quiet. Traveled 1,000 miles in a minivan with two teenage boys and all their "gear" stayed powered up - tv w/built in dvd, laptaps, Ipods & mom's Kindle -- all stayed charged. Would definitely recommend."

"I love this item so much that I've purchased at least two for myself and two as gifts. It is a must-have for road trips."

"My family and I used this on a summer trip down to Florida. Its a 24 hour trip from where we live. I had three little girls to keep entertained. This has many outlets. We were able to plug in the laptop, two phones, a GPS system, and a DVD player!!"



PowerDrive PD3000 Power Inverter

PowerDrive PD3000 Power Inverter

Since replacing his 1800-watt unit with a new 3000-watt PowerDrive 2.0 inverter, trucker Thomas Miller has no problem charging his flatscreen TV, DVD player, air purifier, microwave and George Foreman grill -- even the battery for the leafblower he uses to clean out the trailer.

“I can cook and watch TV at the same time,” he said. “It’s got enough power to do whatever you want.”

Tom Miller, RoadPro Pro Driver Council Member

Thomas Miller
RoadPro® Pro Driver
Council Member